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A. Sanding an existing floor is the cheapest option! Ring Charles or Kevin on 020 8880 0888 and you will be amazed at what good value it can be. We are usually able to give you an accurate idea of the cost over the phone, and discuss the choice of finish etc. We will always give you a written fixed price quote before starting any work; this quote is completely free of charge as is the manager's site visit and skilled advice. Professional sanding and refinishing a wooden floor costs less than a mid range carpet.

Q. When I lifted the carpet my floorboards looked grey, and there was a lot of paint splashes and some boards were cracked, can this floor be sanded?
A. Don't worry! Most floors are in a similar condition, wood floors have the results of all types of building activity including decorating on them and often have been damaged by tradesmen by cutting into them.We will repair the boards that are damaged, and take off the layer of damaged wood exposing the amazing floor underneath, most floors only require minor repairs and that is included in the overall price per metre.

Q. I have heard a lot of different replies to my question about gap filling, some companies I asked say it is a good idea while others are completely against the idea!?
A. Successful gap filling is one of the skilled parts of floor finishing- a lot of firms can't or won't do this, or sometimes they use a fast setting gel resin mixed with saw dust which usually falls out in a matter of months. The most successful way despite taking longer is,(for gaps less than 4mm or so), to use a mixture of polyvinyl resin and sawdust, (we use the wood workers special resin), the other trick is to do 2 coats of filler,-the first fill primes the side of the board, and then the second fill gets a good grip on the sides. For gaps larger than 4mm slivers of wood glued on both sides and carefully hammered in, works a treat,- we use old pine slivers so they blend in well , after planing down the floor is ready to sand.


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